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RainMachine & IFTTT: The power of Internet of Things

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RainMachine & IFTTT: the power of Internet of Things

In the past few weeks we have quietly pushing out IFTTT functionality to our RainMachine Mini and RainMachine Touch HD 2015 models. This release will allow you to have creative control over the thing you love the most: your garden.

By using public recipes or by creating your own recipes, you will be able to control your RainMachine in more ways than you could do before. You can even talk with your Rainmachine via the IFTTT Alexa channel!

Enjoy your connected garden!


Unleash the power of Internet of Things (IoT)
by integrating your RainMachine with IFTTT


Before you start, please make sure your RainMachine device has the latest firmware installed.
To do that, check and update your firmware by going to System -> Software Update using the RainMachine mobile iPhone and Android application, locally on the RainMachine Touch HD devices, or using the web application accessible at

A step by step IFTTT how to guide can be found here.


Enjoy IFTTT!
The RainMachine Development team

NOTE: IFTTT trigger support will also be available, release date is March 1st, 2016.